Remember U is the first company to produce composites for digital display. Unlike other suppliers who print and frame composites, we display composites on TV screens. Our proprietary technology provides tangible advantages.

Save Money

Our methods are cost efficient, resulting in lower prices for our customers.

Prompt Delivery

Our automation software allows us to create a final product just weeks after picture day.

Slideshow Mode

View all of your composites on one screen with slideshow mode.

Recruitment Tool

Attract new members by showcasing cutting edge technology in your house.

Alumni Connection

Never lose touch with alums by providing access to chapter composites on their home computers. Current members can use this too.

Composite Integrity

Our composites never age, and the nature of our approach makes your composites impossible to steal or destroy.

Quick Fix

If a new member drops, a current member misses picture day, or someone's name is misspelled, we can update your composite instantly — even if the composite is already on display.

We work with local photographers to take your pictures, and we provide equipment acquisition and installation. Our services work great for fraternities, sororities, co-operative housing, health schools and other university programs, or any other groups who purchase composites on a seasonal basis.

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